The new instrument's main innovation is its use of a completely automatic system for making an analysis. This means the operator does not need to be physically present during the analysis procedure. Once the instrument has been prepared for an analysis, it will proceed automatically, requiring no further intervention by the operator until the last step, or the final washing of probe assembly.

-Touch screen display.
-The stepper motor guarantees repeatability of the measurements
-Upgrade software with USB interface
-Silent ventilation system
-Standby function for energy saving
-Automatic KHT dispenser

-Quick and easy determination of tartaric stability using electrochemical conducivity measurements at various conditions.
-Capability of determining the wine's tartaric stability with two types of analysis, mini contact and saturation temperature.
-Mini contact: determines KHT precipitation espresse in ¼Siemens. This value indicates the stability of the wine being tested.
-Saturation point: Automatically, the analysis provides the saturation temperature espresse in °C of the test sample.
-Check control function allows easy and fast analyses.

Acquiring and recording measurement data is becoming more and more important.
Criocheck has developed a new analytical software system to manage data. This permits
the lab to study, store and comment on an analysis with estreme simplicity.
-Visualize measurement data (Conducivity, Wine temperature, Bath Temperature, Preset temperature etc.);
-Visualize user status, using incorporated graphic symbols (State of cooler, heater, probe position, etc.);
-Memorize the analysis on the database, with the possibility to transfer to a text file;
-Possibility to get from Criocheck analysis made with Mini Contact or Saturation Point, to visualize results in text form, to save on a disk, or print the graphics using a printer
-Visualize and print analysis graphically or in text formate;
-Visualize the saturation analysis in a normal graphics mode or in a differential mode;
-Visualize the mini contact analysis in absolute mode or in relative mode;
-Visualize the analysis in single mode or multiple mode, can visualize up to a maximum of 10 analyses contemporaneously.

Display: Colour VGA-TFT 640x480 7,1- Touch screen
Keyboard: Touch screen
CPU board: ARM imx51 @800Mhz -256 MB Ram
Operating System: Linux
Interface: USB
KHT Dispenser: Manual
Cleaning System: Manual
Conductivity Cell: 2 Platinum Plated Electrodes
Thermometric probe: Pt 100 1/3 Din 3 wire
Sample Wine Mixer: With stepper motor
Bath Mixer: CC Motor
Heater: Inox 400 Watt
Cooling Assembly: 1/6 Hp, internal evaporator
Bath: Inox 1,5 lt
Container: Metallic-finished Steel
Dimensions: 505x280x420mm b x l x h
Weight: 28Kg


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