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Founded by Luigi Falocci in 1959, Steroglass is a worldwide leading business in the chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, food & beverage sectors.

Mr Luigi Falocci was renowned for his ability to create unique blown glass products used in the 1960s by the major chemical companies at the time. He paved the way for his sons Stefano and Roberto who in the years to come would achieve remarkable goals by designing and manufacturing borosilicate glass lab equipment and instrumentation for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries.

Steroglass - Fratelli Falocci

Steroglass manufactures and sells glass labware, evaporation systems, automatic titrators, aW analyzers and kits for enzymatic and colorimetric analyses.

In Italy, we are also dealers of top international scientific companies thus completing our own product range in order to best meet customer needs. We mostly specialise in fermentation, freeze-drying, liquid handling and standard lab instruments.

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We offer state-of-the-art solutions, pursue a local and global partnership always bearing in mind environmental sustainability. Innovative solutions, high quality, timely and continuous service aim to build trust, increase competitiveness, satisfy an increasingly demanding market as well as to create new strategic opportunities.

Borosilicate glass has always been a pillar of Steroglass production and has inspired the Blueside brand adding value to the existing scientific glass products which have been turned into stunning craft design objects, all made in Italy.

R&D continuous investments, marketing-oriented attitude and a special focus on personal and professional growth enable us to compete at highest levels worldwide, achieve results, grow talent and reward merit.

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A leading company in the scientific and analytical sectors

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