Portable gas washing unit ideal to neutralize corrosive exhausted gas, fumes and vapours from reactors.
The best solution to obtain scale-up studies by stripping the exhausted substances through the absorption column. Possibility to customize the column up to DN600.
Compact design: Steroglass gas scrubber can be placed under walk-in-hood.
The maximum flow rate can be controlled by the reducing valve. The liquid temperature can be easily maintained in the optimal range through the condenser.
Materials: The fluids are in contact with only anticorrosive materials, such as borosilicate glass, ceramic, PTFE, PVDF, PF. The scrubber can be loaded with several gas washing solutions according tho the affinity with the gas.

The scrubber consists of a packed column, the height of which is chosen as required by the maximum permissible HLC content in the waste gas. The gas and liquid flow in countercurrent though the equipment. The heat of solution envolved is removed by the excess of absorption water employed.
Connections: The gas scrubber unit can be connected to any gas outlet.


Richiedi un preventivo SQHN071677 N.D. 10L Gas scrubber unit            
Richiedi un preventivo SQHN071678 N.D. 20L Gas scrubber unit            
Richiedi un preventivo SQHN071679 N.D. 50L Gas scrubber unit            
Richiedi un preventivo SQHN071680 N.D. 100L Gas scrubber unit           

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