High-tech instruments and laboratory consumables for food analyses optimize chemical and microbiological safety for food companies.

Steroglass is both manufacturer and dealer of most recognizable brands in the food industry in Italy. We provide food companies with optimization for their production cycles and quality control processes. A highly qualified and prompt after-sales service allows customers to work efficiently as well as receiving valuable and lasting technical advice.

Steroglass instruments dedicated to food analysis are water activity detectors, titrators and multiparametric analyzers.

attività acqua

aWLife, water activity analyzer

A high-tech water activity meter (aW) that meets all the needs of food technologists and researchers working on long shelf-life food optimization. aWLife has been designed for all kinds of customers all over the world - from small analysis laboratories to big companies. Its ease of use, speed and analytical precision have given Steroglass international recognition while consolidating its leadership in the food industry.

The shelf-life of a packaged food product is based on measurement of its water activity, an issue of increasingly growing interest both from producers and end-consumers.

More and more attention is being paid to consumer safety in order to prevent risk of food toxins.

It is essential for the food industry to produce packaged foods that keep as much as possible their nutritional characteristics, original physical aspects such as texture, crispness, and fragrance. It is also crucial to achieve the longest possible expiration dates without the risk of having to regrettably withdraw production batches from the market because they are affected by unwanted bacterial growth, resulting in damage to company's reputation.

Flash titrator

Titration is a very common analysis technique in Food & Beverage for the determination of pH, titratable acidity, ascorbic acid, chlorides, nitrogen, proteins (Kjeldahl method), etc..

FLASH is the utmost solution for titration and one of our best-sellers worldwide.

analisi enzimatica

Hyperlab analyzers and enzymatic and colorimetric kits

Enzymatic analysis is common practice in food and beverage - such as dairy products, eggs, meat, fruit juices, beer, milk - for the determination of sugars, organic acids and other compounds - sulphites, phenols, ions, etc..

Enzymatic analysis, based on high quality purified enzymes, allows precise and specific measurements of characterization of analytes, even in complex matrices since reading of spectrophotometric absorbance is associated with concentration of the various analytes (Lambert Beer law).

Our liquid, stable, ready-to-use enzymatic and colorimetric kits, used with HYPERLAB automated analyzers help laboratories and food companies to standardize analyses by preventing human errors.

Moreover, automatic analyzers allow for lower costs than those of manual methods.

The kits also maximize production process quality as they enable accurate and fast control of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.