Cell cultures

Cell culture is the process by which cells, eukaryotic or prokaryotic, are grown and proliferated under controlled conditions, generally in an artificial environment, with appropriate nutrients and instruments. Reference is made to plant and animal cell cultures or, more recently, to embryonic stem cells. The laboratory instruments and consumables for cell culture are various and constantly evolving. Over thirty years of experience enable Steroglass to offer for the Italian market the best solutions for all types of laboratories and pharmaceutical industries.

Cell Culture Plastics

Steroglass offers a wide range of Maxipense filter tips in different volumes and packagings. Maxipense tips are compatible with almost all micropipettes in the market. Their "low retention" feature makes them particularly suitable for Tween or dyes.


Test tubes

Polypropylene or Polystyrene tubes used for sampling and handling of culture media in cellular environment. The Maxispin conical bottom tubes also ensure full safety even when used with centrifuges at high speed.


Disposable plastics

Disposable plastics such as multiwell plates, culture flasks or petri dishes are best for growth media.


Cell Culture Equipment

Biohazard MN biological safety cabinets are designed to ensure full safety during growth and handling of cell cultures in a sterile environment thanks to a laminar flow inside the cabinet.



MyControl bundle, with 250-1000ml Minibio reactor for cell cultures, is easy to set and use. It is the most suitable solution for cell growth study of life science and diagnostic research.