Water activity analysis

Water activity is one of the key parameters in determining the shelf-life of a product, whether food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic. Shelf-life can be defined as the period of time during which that product maintains its original characteristics. In fact, as time elapses, any product with an aqueous component, undergoes a change caused by microbial proliferation that develops in the presence of water, until it no longer conforms to its characteristics.

The dew point sensor measures actual water activity (free water with no chemical bonds with product molecules), which is a necessary parameter in defining the shelf-life of a food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic product.
aWLife is an indispensable instrument to measure water activity and determine shelf-life of a packaged product.


Shelf-life in food and pharmaceutical industries

Determining shelf-life in food and pharmaceutical products is a process aimed at safeguarding the health of consumers, therefore, ensuring proper storage of medicines and food to keep their properties unchanged is essential.
Water activity (aW) measurements with aWLife analyser are really easy thanks to accurate, repeatable and extremely fast analysis and the innovative dew point sensor.


Shelf-life in cosmetics

The safety of cosmetic products requires a number of analyses. Every product undergoes variations due to aging and use.
Water stability tests carried out with Waterlab define the product shelf-life: a time within which variations are acceptable to assure quality, safety and perceived pleasantness of a cosmetic product.