Biological and Diagnostic

Steroglass offers innovative instrumentation and laboratory consumables for molecular and cellular biology, microbiology and life science.

freeze dryer

Laboratory instruments and consumables for the biological and diagnostic sectors

  • We provide bioreactors, freeze-dryers, single-use plastic consumables, micropipettes/tips, sterile pipettes, centrifuge tubes, sterile containers, laboratory equipment - incubators, laminar flow hoods, sterilization autoclaves and cryogenic instruments.
  • We specialize in the biological and diagnostic sector and supply extensive technical application advice. Our technological expertise and decades of experience ensure prompt customized assistance. Skilled engineers and technicians work closely with customers aiming to guarantee a highly efficient after-sales service.
  • Steroglass offers a complete array of products and tailored solutions to biologics companies and university research centres.

Technical Assistance and Customization

Our long experience in calibration and repair of micropipettes, both carried out in metrological laboratory under controlled temperature and humidity and with high precision scales, entitles us to be recognized as a reliable partner by top companies. We work closely with our customers so they can be sure we are always on hand to help them find the best solutions for their needs.