Automatic titration

Titration is an extremely popular quantitative analytical technique useful for accurately determining the amount or concentration of a substance. Based on a stoichiometric reaction between the analyte and a specific reagent (titrant) with a known concentration, which is added to the sample.
Automatic titration makes it possible to automate titration processes and carry out repeatable and accurate routine analyses.

Titration is an essential analysis in wine and food industries and a routine test in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories.
An automatic titration process requires both dispensing of auxiliary reagents and ultra-high-precision burettes, and the autosampler allows every stage of the process to be automated.


Flash Automatic Titrator

Flash is an easy-to-use automatic titrator designed for the widest range of potentiometric titrations: acid/base, argentometric, redox and iodometric.
Designed and manufactured in Italy by Steroglass, Flash is ideal for

Oenological analyses:
pH, Acidity, Free and Total SO2;

Food analyses:
Acidity, Chlorides, Ascorbic Acid, Peroxides and Nitrogen/Protein on food matrices;

Water analyses:
pH, Conductivity, Alkalinity and Water Hardness.

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