The most complete and innovative range of instruments for oenological analysis.


Wine and musts analyses are essential to obtain the best possible wine quality.

Chemical analysis allows for a deep knowledge of wine and its reactions – alterations can be prevented and organoleptic properties achieved ensuring product genuineness.
Practical problems during preparation process and storage can also be solved.

Steroglass expertise in the wine sector

Steroglass is a leading company in the oenological industry for its long experience, passion and outstanding technical assistance. Analytical automation has allowed for high productivity, reduced analysis costs and prompt analytical data, optimizing wine production and quality control processes.

Partner Assoenologi

Since 1994, Steroglass has been the only Italian company able to provide the most important techniques for wine and musts analyses: potentiometric titration, enzymatic analysis, tartaric and calcic stability control, FTIR fast analysis to name a few.

A comprehensive array of oenologycal instruments guarantees utmost performances enabling Steroglass to supply its clients with the best solutions for their oenological needs.

STEROGLASS is a partner of ASSOENOLOGI, both close to the world of Fine Wine!