Enzymatic analysis

Enzymatic analysis is fundamental in the food sector as it controls production to ensure the best possible product quality.
Several enzymatic methods have been approved officially by a number of international organizations, including ISO, OIV, IFU, etc..
Steroglass offers an array of solutions aimed to satisfy the needs of food industry, oenological companies and laboratories:

  • Universal enzymatic and colorimetric test kits;
  • Automatic and semi-automatic analyzers.

Universal enzymatic and colorimetric test kits

Based on high-quality purified enzymes, enzymatic analysis allows precise and specific measurements for the characterization of compounds, even in complex matrices. Sugars, Organic Acids, Ions and other compounds such as nitrogen, ethanol and sulphites are among the main parameters that can be analysed.


Hyperlab Analyzers

Hyperlab direct reading analyzers allow accurate, repeatable and cost-saving analyses. Hyperlab, PLUS, BASIC and SMART, meet the analytical needs of any food industry, laboratory and winery.
Hyperlab automation ensures greater accuracy and precision of results with costs per analysis seven times lower than those of manual methods as reagents and working time are minimized.