Evaporation process with a rotary evaporator is an efficient technique that allows to separate and purify a solution by distillation. The instrument has an evaporation flask inside which contains the solution to be evaporated and a thermostatic bath that keeps the evaporation flask at a suitable temperature. By increasing the surface of the sample and setting appropriate values of temperature and vacuum, it is possible to separate a solvent in a short time. The product obtained is finally recondensed by means of a cooling coil and recovered in a collecting flask.

Strike 100 Rotary Evaporator is the best solution to obtain an optimal evaporation as you can adjust the evaporation phases, program and control temperatures and vacuum levels, and full operator safety is ensured by means of a protective shield.

Strike 100 ATEX is the utmost solution for treatment of flammable solvents in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical synthesis industries. The 100L evaporation flask makes the instrument one-of-a-kind, obtaining efficient and large productions.

The refrigerant with a high exchange capacity leads to excellent performances in terms of solvent recovery rate!