Steroglass is a significant source for all chemical companies and research centres, supplying a wide array of instruments, laboratory consumables and pilot reactors.

consumabili laboratorio
  • Steroglass designs and manufactures a complete array of instruments for extractions, evaporations, synthesis reactions providing tailored solutions to best serve its customers worldwide. We also supply laboratory lines of scientific instrumentation and consumables, so our clients can rely on complete solutions that best suit their needs.     
  • Our expertise and decades of experience ensure outstanding support to our customers. Skilled engineers and technicians work closely with clients to ensure a highly efficient after-sales service.
  • We focus on the market needs and customers’ requirements so we are able to innovate and offer projects that allow to manage even complex processes.
  • Steroglass is among the most reliable guidelines in Italy for chemical customers searching a complete range of solutions as we also partner with top global companies of which we are dealers.

Application fields

Crystallization, photochemistry, hydrolysis, precipitation, mixer reactions, controlled pH reactions, catalytic reactions, enzymatic reactions, reflux reactions, solvent recovery, synthesis reactions, filtration, nanoparticles syntheses, biogas for biomass, carboxylations, dissolutions / formulations, distillations (also fractionated), vacuum distillations, emulsions, esterifications, vacuum evaporations.

Technical Assistance and Customization

Steroglass provides ordinary maintenance and tailored services to its customers. 

We offer service for high-tech instrumentation and borosilicate glass plants, and do revamping on site and at our facility as well.