Steroglass's fifty years experience in Italy and abroad has led to significant competences and resources to build high quality industrial plants and guarantee accurate technical assistance in the field of industrial plants.

Steroglass is a worldwide leader in design and construction of pilot glass plants for industrial and chemical processes. We offer a wide range of pilot plants, ideal for didatics, research and production.
Thanks to appropriate optional components, plants for several different applications can be obtained.
The system is modular, flexible, user-friendly and may be integrated anytime with various available accessories.
Our R&D and unique glassblowers are able to build any type of customized apparatus meeting any specific needs.
Steroglass is fully committed to meeting its Customers' expectations and satisfaction and strives to provide an excellent sales service for prompt deliveries and start-ups.

Steroglass provides complete systems or individual components such as:
  • Crystallization systems
  • Dissolution Plants
  • Columns
  • Solvent recycling plants
  • Distillation systems
  • Reactors
  • Concentration systems
  • Gold refinery plants
  • Software for pilot plants control
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Chillers
  • Hastelloy reactors
  • Glass lined stainless steel reactors
  • Valves, gaskets and other components
  • PTFE/steel piping lines
  • 20, 50 & 100lt rotary evaporators

  • Pharmaceutical: API, bio-process, chemical reactions, formulations, dissolutions, drying, filtration
  • Fine Chemicals: Distillation, synthesis, crystallization, solvent separation, reflux reactions
  • Herbs & Cosmetic: Essence extraction, formulations, mixing
  • Goldsmith: Reflux reactions, catalyst recovery, precious metal affination
  • Biotech: Bioreactors, buffer preparations, product Storage.

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