The HRSH150 thermochiller is designed to meet the thermostating needs of medium-sized instrumentation, its optimal use is in conjunction with rotary evaporators and reactor or distillation coolers.
The HRSH150 thermo-chiller is therefore the optimal choice in combination with a Strike 100 or a Pilot Reactor Steroglass.
The use of a Termochiller will guarantee you not only reliability and precision, but also safety.
- Thanks to the presence of the three inverters which respectively control the number of rotations of the compressor, fan and pump motor, electrical consumption is reduced by up to 53%.
- The HRSH series accurately monitors and controls the cooling system, so you can take care of something else.
- Use a smart solution that will give you proactive control. Predict any changes via remote control and manage anomalies and problems in the cooling system.
- Improve the performance and reliability of your machine with superior temperature stability.
Through the simultaneous control of the compressor and the fan of the DC inverter, and of the electronic expansion valve, a temperature stability of ± 0.1 ° C is maintained even when the thermal load fluctuates significantly.
The use of an immersion pump without mechanical seal means that the pump is not subject to any external leakage of the circulating fluid. For this, it is not necessary to periodically check the pump for leaks or to replace the mechanical seal. It is not necessary to drain the circulating fluid when removing the pump.

- Timer function
- Unit conversion function
- Automatic restart function for power failure
- Anti-freeze function
- Key lock function
- Signal emission to complete the preparation
- Independent operation of the pump
- Self-diagnosis function
- Serial communication communication ports (RS232C / RS485) and contact I / O (2 inputs and 3 outputs) supplied as standard

- Solvent condensation in Strike 100 rotary evaporators
- Vapor condensation in Pilot Reactor
- Steam condensation in distillation equipment
- Laser processing machines
- Laser welding machines
- Laser cutting machines
- Cleaning machines
- Printing machines
- Injection molding
- Arc welding machines
- Resistance welding machine (spot welding)
- High frequency induction heating equipment
- Cooling water available anytime, anywhere

Cooling method: Air cooling
Refrigerant: R410A (HFC)
Refrigerant charge: 2.1 Kg
Control system: PID control
Ambient temperature / humidity / altitude: Temperature: 5 to 45 ° C
Circulating fluid system:
Circulating fluid: Tap water, 15% ethylene glycol aqueous solution, deionized water
Operating temperature range: 5 to 35 ° C
Cooling capacity (50/60 Hz): KW 15.7
Heating capacity (50/60 Hz): KW 3.0
Temperature stability: ± 0.1° C
Nominal flow rate (50/60 Hz): 45 l / min (0.5 MPa)
Maximum flow rate (50/60 Hz): 130 l / min
Maximum lifting height (50/60 Hz) 50 m
Adjustable pressure range: 0.1 - 0.5 MPa
Maximum operating flow: 25 l / min
Tank capacity: L 42
Circulating fluid inlet and outlet por0:t G 1
Tank drain connection: G 3/4
Material in contact with the fluid:
Metal Stainless steel, copper (heat exchanger brazing), brass (pump, Y-filter), carbon, SiC
Electric system:
Power supply: Three-phase 380-415 V AC (50/60 Hz)
Permissible voltage range: ± 10% (Without DC voltage fluctuation)
Applicable earth leakage breaker:
Rated current: [A] 30
Sensitivity of leakage current: [mA] 30
Rated operating current: [A] 9.3
Electric absorption: [kW (kVA)] 5.8 (6.4)
Noise level (front 1 m / height 1 m): [dB (A)] 68
Waterproof specification: IPX4
Dimensions (LxWxH): mm 954x715x1420
Weight: 215 kg


Richiedi un preventivo SQFW087365 01090577 THERMO-CHILLER S100 +5/+40°C HRSH150-AF-40        

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